OLCC approves cocktails to-go

Is your bar or restaurant looking to increase profits and customer reach? Cocktails on draft may be the answer!

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As word came down a few weeks ago that the OLCC had approved an emergency measure to allow license holders to sell pre-made cocktails, many bars and restaurants had to think quick about how best to accomplish this within their business. Many turned to draft dispense for answers. 

Cocktails being served on draft is nothing new but adoption of this service pre-Covid had been centered around hip and trendy cocktail bars in urban areas that are always looking for the next cool thing. These days most businesses are simply looking to stay open and operational, and draft cocktails can really help. Let’s look at some of the benefits of integrating draft cocktails into your beverage program. 


Faster Service & Product Consistency

  • Draft cocktails are simply faster as they eliminate most of the tedious gesticulations that craft cocktails typically require. Ever ordered a drink and had to wait 10-15 minutes as a guest? It rarely makes me happy. Ensuring customers receive their drinks fast, even when the bar is slammed, is a sure fire way to create happier customers.

  • Dispensing some cocktails through your draft system allows your serving staff to fill their own drink orders without having to over burden the bartenders. It also allows for quick to-go or delivery order fulfillment when you can simply fill your to-go mason jar with the properly ordered quantity of cocktail in mere seconds.  

  • Consistency is another major benefit of pre-made cocktails. Your main mixologist or bartender creates and crafts the cocktail ahead of time and it is then easily replicated as needed. This means today’s cocktail will taste like tomorrow’s and the drink Bartender Sally serves, tastes just like the one Bartender Brad serves! Consistency directly leads to happier customers.

Reducted Costs & Increased Profits

  • Beside time, cost savings and increased profit are a major benefit of cocktails on draft. Most systems will utilize a 5 gallon reusable/refillable Cornelius Keg (it sounds fancier than it is). Each “corny keg” will contain 200 + beverages. 

  • Draft cocktails greatly reduce the need for training and consistency from bartender to bartender. The faster your staff can prepare a drink, the less it costs your bar to make said drink. 

  • Pre-made cocktails leads to substantial savings due to incorrect pouring (lost revenue from remaking drinks) and over pouring from bartenders and staff (massive reduction in liquor profit margins). 
Convert existing draft lines to cocktails; Kegerators are great for outdoor service; Bottle and sell cocktails to-go

How do I get started with draft cocktails at my business?

  • One of the easiest and quickest ways to get draft cocktails flowing at your establishment is to rent a kegerator from us. We offer two or three product units that are ready to begin dispense the moment they are installed at your location. They run $125/week for the first week and $100/week after that. One 5# gas tank is provided and are swappable when empty for $25. We also have corny kegs available to rent at $25/week. This system is designed to dispense wine kegs as well as cocktails. 

  • Do you already have a draft system installed? You can easily convert a beverage line for cocktail dispense. One of our installation tech’s can come in and quickly give you a custom quote on the cost of this but it mainly consists of replacing the vinyl tubing and changing out the keg couplers. Depending on whether you plan on serving carbonated or still cocktails will determine if your gas system needs to also be altered or supplemented.  

  • Perfect Pour Services has all of the equipment, supplies and know how to get you on the road to increased profitability. Reach out today!

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OLCC approves cocktails to-go

Is your bar or restaurant looking to increase profits and customer reach? Cocktails on draft may be the answer!


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