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  • We send appointment reminders out 48 hrs before every service. Cancellations or changes to service can be made via the appointment reminders. 
  • Cancellations made within 24 hrs of service may be subject to a fee up to the full cost of service.
  • No-shows may be charged a $40 fee.
  • Please fill out our client info sheet anytime your contacts or cleaning needs change. It is the easiest way to keep us up to date with everything regarding your cleaning scheduling needs!
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Billing & Payments

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  • Invoices are sent from Quickbooks via email and are Net 30. A late fee of $10/invoice can apply to invoices over 60 days old.
  • We now partner with Pay Wholesail who provides a streamlined payment system that is easy to use while also comprehensive. 
  • Pay Wholesail accepts payment via ACH (no fee) or Credit Card (2.75% fee) with options to set up auto pay. 
  • Pay Wholesail makes it very easy and intuitive to see all your invoices, payments and more in one easy portal. 
  • Payments may also be given to technicians during service.
  • Payments may also be sent to: P.O. BOX 90684 Portland, OR 97290
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Referral Program

  • Word of mouth referrals let us know we are doing something right!
  • For every new location that signs on with PPS for their cleaning needs, we will take $10 off your monthly bill for an entire year!*
  • How could we make it any easier to save more money than we already do by giving you great service and great tasting beer? 
  • Call us at (503) 714-5020 with your referral info.

*New client must maintain service through the duration of the discount to your monthly bill. Limit of referrals to the cost of the monthly cleaning costs, not including parts. New client must maintain a minimum cleaning cost of $40 a month.

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Nearly all dispensing problems can be attributed to THREE main causes:
  • Improper temperature
  • Improper pressure
  • Cleaning

Check these things first:

  • Is the keg empty?
  • Is the keg stored at 36°-38°F and is that temp maintained all the way to the faucet?
  • Is the gas source/tank empty?
  • Small system with less than 25′ of lines should have pressure set to 12-14PSI. 
  • If your system is longer or if in doubt it is best to not alter the pressure.
    • Make a notation of the gauge reading and contact us. 
  • Has the faucet, beer line and coupler been cleaned recently?

Got foam? Is your beer, when drawn, all or too much foam? Likely culprits are:

  • Beer temp in keg is too warm.
  • CO2 pressure is set too high.
  • Faucet is in poor, dirty or worn condition. 
  • Beer line has kinks, twists or other obstructions.
  • Beer drawn improperly. 
  • Empty keg. (Will eventually only hiss gas)

Got no foam? Does your beer, when drawn, have no foam or the foam dissapears to quickly? Does the beer taste flat with no bubbles in the mouthfeel? Likely culprits are:

  • Beer temp is too cold.
  • CO2 pressure set too low.
  • Dirty glassware
  • Ciders and sour beers will not foam or retain a consistent head.
    • If just one line is troublesome and everything else is the same, check with your beer sales rep about the product’s expected head formation.

Hazy days? Does your beer appear hazy, have chunks or flakes floating in the glass?

  • While hazy beers are much more common than they used to be, haze can be an indication of something being amiss in your beverage system.
    • Always check with your beer sales rep about the expected clarity that should be expected of your product. 
  • Haze can also indicate frozen or nearly frozen beer. 
  • Beer that has been unrefrigerated for longer periods. 
  • Old beer may have flakes and chunks floating.  
  • Dirty faucet, beer lines and/or keg couplers. 
  • Dirty glassware.