Draft Beverage System Solutions

Beverage dispense systems for beer, cider, wine, cocktails, coffee, kombucha, carbonated water & more

As any of us in the industry know, Covid-19 has changed everything. The ease of having customers streaming in the door wanting to hang out and enjoy some tasty cold draft beverages is not as easy or assured as it once was. Most taverns, restaurants, bars, brewpubs and breweries have adopted the online or off-premise model of sales and as we begin to open back up many industry professionals believe that this trend will not reverse itself anytime soon.

We here at Perfect Pour are always trying to look at ways that we can be of service to our clients. Thinking on the challenges of off-premise sales in this time of Covid-19 we have seen a resurgence of the humble growler. Yes, crowlers are now a big thing too but they require an upfront investment of machinery, equipment, training and supplies. Cases of growlers you can slap a sticker on are much easier to source and of course they are reusable.

We now offer direct purchasing of Amber Growlers

The term growler, “first appeared in the July 1893 issue of Harper’s Magazine” (Newhouse). At this time, ‘growler’ referred to galvanized buckets specifically used to transport beer from the pub to home.

It is now the reusable part that can be more of a challenge in the days of Covid-19. Experts state that accepting outside growlers can INCREASE the odds of exposure and spread of Covid-19 and it is best to not allow folks to bring in their own growlers, their own reusable bags, etc. We have the solution!

delivery on blank growlers

Purchase blank OR branded growlers from us and you will be automatically enrolled in our growler wash & return program ( you may choose to opt out at any time). This service costs $2/growler.


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