With PPS you are a 1099 contractor however PPS strives to provide some benefits for our technicians and ensure a business model that keeps us all healthy and making money. 

    • Technicians are required to transport themselves and their gear to several locations each day. A personal car and a clean driving record are required. 
    • You receive all money earned while working for PPS, there are no taxes deducted from your pay.
    • You receive a 1099 document at the end of the year that shows total amount earned, not a W-2 which you may be familiar with.
    • Tips on how best to prepare for this can be found below.
    • Whether it be an inability to be scheduled any afternoons or you have a one time appointment, simply let us know and we will work around this requirement.
    • 1099 contractors do not usually get paid time off, but we value you and your work for us highly and want to ensure you don’t miss out on this benefit. More about this policy below.
    • 30 hr. guarantee is our way of ensuring you can depend on a constant paycheck. More info can be found below. 
    • Ability to work for other companies or employers while working for PPS.
    • Ability to sell your own draft services.
      • While we ask you to not pitch independent services to existing PPS clients you may sell draft cleaning/tech services to non PPS clients. PPS also allows you to utilize our equipment to service these clients. 
    • We teach you how PPS cleans systems and give you access to our complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for each system you will see. However the results are far more important than the process so you can individualize the process to meet your perspective. 
    • We equip you with all the tools required to succeed with PPS.
    • If there are other items that you require to be effective on the job check with us and we will likely reimburse you for these items.

*We highly recommend you consult a tax pro

Things get a little more complicated with your taxes when you’re an independent contractor. You’ll have additional forms to file and you’ll need to file estimated taxes regularly. There are four main differences between filing taxes as an employee and filing taxes as an independent contractor. These include:

  • Reporting self-employment income and deductions on Schedule C.
  • Paying self employment tax on Schedule SE.
  • Paying quarterly estimated taxes.
  • Receives form 1099-MISC rather than a W-2.
  • Congratulations, you are a small business owner! When you are an independent contractor the IRS considers you a sole proprietorship and that comes with different tax rates and responsibilities.
  • More info can be found on the IRS website
  • Beyond your basic income tax, you are also responsible to pay self employment tax, more about that can be found here. 
  • Depending on where you live you may also be responsible for county or city taxes. 
  • Estimated taxes are paid 4x per year and are based on your previous years tax bill. 
  • We recommend setting aside 25-35% of your weekly take home pay for taxes. Your individual situation may vary, please see a tax professional to determine what is best for your situation.
  • Car Mileage
    • Use an app to track your travel miles including to and from your home anytime you are driving for PPS.
  • Tolls and Parking Expenses
  • Cell Phone
    • You can deduct a percentage of your cell phone bill if you use to do work with PPS.
  • Health Insurance
    • 100% of your health insurance is one of the many deductible business expenses for independent contractors to include on your 1099. You can deduct medical, dental and vision premiums.
    • In addition you can write off expenses such as glasses, nonprescription medications, and visits to the chiropractor.
    • There may be benefits for your spouse, as well.
  • Retirement Savings
    • If you contribute to an individual retirement account (IRA), you may be able to make a tax deduction on those contributions. There are some caveats, however.
    • When filling out your tax form as a self-employed worker, self employment taxes can be something of a shock. That’s because you’re paying both the employer and employee sides of Social Security tax and Medicare taxes—that’s a tax rate of 15.3% of net earnings.Self-employment Tax Deduction.
    • The IRS knows this isn’t fair, so they allow you to deduct half of your self-employment tax. 
    • While it won’t reduce the actual amount of self-employment tax you need to pay, it can reduce your income tax. (Self-employment tax and income tax aren’t the same things.)
  • Tax Advice
    • Again, we highly suggest you consult and/or hire a tax professional to help with your taxes. Not only will they ensure you maximize your deductions, their services are deductible the following year.


PPS offers a weekly 30 hr guarantee if the following requirements are met:

  • Available to be scheduled the entire week without requesting times or days off outside of the norm for you.
    • ie. if you always have 6am-8am blocked off this does not count against the guarantee.
  • No call outs for the week.
    • If you use any PTO to cover missed hours or days you are ineligible for guarantee.
  • Being available to have PPS office staff reach out to request appts to be added to your schedule.
    • You are never obligated to say yes and you will not be made ineligible for the guaranteed hours.

There are multiple steps to take to properly call off on a shift or appointment

  • Please send an email to the earliest you know of the need to miss a day or appt.
  • Call or text Zach to ensure he is aware and can begin to get coverage or communicate with clients as needed.
  • If you are unable to reach Zach please call or text James immediately.

PPS offers paid time off that is accrued over your working time with the company.

  • For every full week you work with no days off or call out’s you accrue 1 hr of PTO
  • You can contact at anytime to check status of PTO and to request to use PTO
  • PTO can be used to cover planned days off or for sick day/call out days. However this makes you ineligible for the 30hr guarantee.
PPS does not offer holidays that fall during the work week as paid days off.
  • You will be scheduled for all holidays unless you request otherwise or are notified as such by PPS.
  • All holiday shifts worked will pay OT rate of pay which is 1.5 normal rate.

    Payroll is paid out weekly via direct deposit.

    • If you prefer a check please discuss with James.
    • Please ensure you track all your hours and expenses via the Jobber app. More details below.
    • Jobber time can not be edited or added by techs.
    • Payroll is processed on Tuesday and should be received into your account by Thursday.
      • You will receive an email confirmation from OnPoint notifying you of the payroll transfer.


    PPS encourages you to sell our services and you will earn a commission if you do!
    • Feel free to do sales calls if you have down time during your day.
    • If doing sales outside of your PPS shift please do not log time for this as it will not be paid.
    • In order to receive commission for a new client you must be the one who does the legwork of securing the client with our services.
      • Simply dropping off a business card is not sufficient.
      • We encourage you to have a business card with your direct phone and email on it so potential clients can reach out to you directly.
      • You have the ability to provide estimates to clients by calculating cost using our online pricing sheets.
      • Have new clients fill out our client info form. Once this is submitted our office team will take over communication with clients for scheduling, etc.
      • You can submit a tech client info form with partial info as well.
    • Once the first appointment is successful and they have signed on to regular recurring cleanings you can claim you commision.
      • Fill out the commision form and submit to
      • Details on commission rate can be found here.
        • To calculate your commission rate start with cost of cleaning and deduct $20 for every hr tech on site and $10 for travel.
        • Example: $60 cleaning cost on a 1hr appt would be a base profit/cleaning of $30
        • Based on the commission rate form your commission for a 4 week client would be $230. For a 2 week client it would be $360.
      • Your commission will be paid in 2 installments.
        • Half after form received and first appt invoiced.
        • Half after 6 months and customer is still active.


    • Review the current week’s schedule.
      • Ensure all jobs are marked complete and the check out forms are completed.
      • Ensure all No Show forms were submitted if needed.
      • Submit Service Request forms if applicable.
    • Clean and organize your gear in preparation for next week.
    • Look over next weeks schedule, appointments and notes.


    Clock In

    When you leave your house open the Jobber app, navigate to the Time Sheet tab and clock in.

    Timer Running

    Your general time clock is now tracking your time throughout your day.


    Navigate to the Calendar tab to see your first appt of the day. Click into the job.


    You can select the ... button and get directions to the location. You will be able to select whichever app you prefer.
    **there have been some issues with navigating to the wrong address**

    Timer & Job Notes

    When you arrive on site at location please begin the timer on the visit page. This will geo tag you at the location and is very helpful to confirm a tech has been on site. Also, please look for any job specific notes right under the Instructions banner. It may say to collect a check, or replace a faucet.

    Add. Info

    On this visit page you will be able to see how long the visit is expected to last as well as all team members assigned to the appt. Don't be pressured by the scheduled amount time, if it says 1hr but takes you 1.5 hrs because you need to give some extra elbow grease that is preferred to leaving a system less than perfect.

    Client Notes

    The complete notes for this client can be found under the Notes tab on the appt. page. If you are new to the location or need more info about entry instructions please look these over before you clean.

    Check Out Form

    Once your cleaning is completed please fill out the cleaning check out form. This should be done before you leave the location.


    Work through the checklist and ensure all steps required for this location are complete, check off as you verify they have been done. You may think you turned the gas back on, but go back and put eyes on before you check that box!

    System Info

    Work your way down the form addressing and answering every section. Please be very clear on the lines cleaned area, it is helpful to know the type of lines cleaned, 1 beer + 2 cider + 1 kombucha, etc. Also, if there are multiple systems make a note on that too. Front Bar: 10 Wine + Back Bar: 2 beer, 2 cocktail, etc. If you cleaned any additional systems that are not listed on system notes


    There may be areas of the form that are not relevant, please answer with none or n/a so we know you didn't just miss it. The payment area must always be answered. It is a dropdown and you can select NO or YES. You can then enter the type of payment received, generally check or cash and a spot to enter the check number. Ensure all of this is complete. Don't forget to hit that SAVE button.

    End Timer

    Navigate back to the visit tab and stop the running timer. Once the check out form is complete and the timer has ended you may mark the visit complete.

    Time Tracking

    Navigate back to your timesheet tab and you will see that when you start the job timer the General timeclock pauses and resumes when you stop the job timer. Sometimes it does not update on the app side properly so please check the desktop site or ask Michele to verify your hours.

    Clock Out

    When you have arrived back home or have finished your work day please hit the Clock Out button on the timesheet tab.