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With outdoor dining being as important as ever, why not have a drinks station outside? Kegerators can handle that...

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     The deep days of winter are upon us here in February 2021, but still the world of outdoor dining requirements lingers like the dreary weeks after the famous Phil sees his shadow. Many of you have invested heavily in creating inviting, warm and mostly dry spaces for your customers. You all are striving hard to provide the best service and experience but we all know it isn’t easy and it isn’t like it used to be. All of us are having to think very creatively and do things differently. This can include your beverage services. Below we take a look at some of the benefits of renting a kegerator for your outdoor space. 

Beer, Wine and Cocktails

  • You can serve any of these beverages from a kegerator. That makes for an outdoor bar that has it all!
  • Draft cocktails can be premade and each keg holds over 200 servings. This saves time and money. Cocktails may be served still or sparkling.
  • Pre-made cocktails leads to substantial savings due to incorrect pouring (lost revenue from remaking drinks) and over pouring from bartenders and staff (massive reduction in liquor profit margins).
  • Wine is now packaged in these same 5 gallon kegs. It may be served still or sparkling as well.

Saving Time = Saving Money

  • The first thing your customers usually order when they have a seat at the table is a beverage from the bar. These first drinks are a great opportunity to impress and over deliver when it comes to customer expectations. Getting these drinks to the table in a timely manner can achieve this.
  • Dispensing stations located outside in the same space as the tables allows the servers to be quick, consistent and available for the next table more quickly. All of this is an advantage to making happy diners and increased revenue.

Rental Pricing & Terms

  • All kegerator rentals come with the appropriate gas cylinder for dispense and all necessary hardware for keg connections. The unit will be delivered and professionally installed and setup by one of our technicians. 
  • We have TWO product BEER kegerators & THREE product WINE/COCKTAILS kegerator available. 

  • All units are $125/week for the first week $100/each additional week. 5 gallon Corny kegs are available to rent for $25/week. 
  • All units will be professionally cleaned on a two-week schedule for all long term rentals. There is no additional charge for this service. 

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Kegerator Rentals

With outdoor dining being as important as ever, why not have a drinks station outside? Kegerators can handle that…


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